How To Choose a Sex Toy Feat. Ashley Cobb and Lovehoney's Paul Jaques
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“Lockdown put a spotlight on our intimate lives. A lot of people are exploring not only with their hands but with toys.” (5:08) With people staying inside more than ever due to lockdowns across the world, there’s been a surge in sex toy sales. According to a recent Lovehoney survey, 36% of couples and 35% of singles have made a lockdown inspired sex toy purchase.  New to sex toys and feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you already have toys but want something new? Whether it’s your first toy or fifth, choosing the right sex toy can be overwhelming. This week we chat with sex expert Ashley Cobb to figure out the ins and outs of sex toys, what’s on the market right now, and her advice on where to start. Paul Jaques, Lovehoney’s quality and technical manager, also joins us to talk about sex toy trends. We discuss all things innovation: sound, battery life, and a future of more sustainable toys. To learn more about this show, visit To keep up with all things Future of Sex, follow us on Twitter (@) futureofsexshow and Instagram (@) futureofsex Timestamps 1:00 Introducing the episode 1:21 WeVibe Moxie: Wearable clitoral vibrator 3:00 Why use a sex toy? 4:00 Health benefits to masterbation 5:20 Boom in sex toy sales 6:45 Introducing Ashley Cobb 7:26 What to ask before buying 8:40 Types of vibrators 9:48 Other things to look for 11:10 How to figure out if a toy is any good 11:45 Is buying a sex toy online safe? 13:35 LMNT 15:43 Introducing Paul Jaques 16:03 Trends in sex toys in 2021 17:35 Advancements in charging technology 20:37 Wrap up 20:36 Reading a recent review Guests Ashley Cobb: Host of Hoe and Tell podcast, sex toy educator with Lovehoney, and sex advice columnist with Madame Noir Paul Jaques: Quality and technical manager at Lovehoney Sponsors We-Vibe: Premium sex toy company designing and developing intimate products that work in sync with the human body. - LMNT: - for your FREE sample pack!
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