Keeping the lights on with Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald
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In this episode of Futurepreneur Shameless Media co-founders Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald join media and telecommunications reporter Zoe Samios to discuss how to stay afloat without compromising your business model.  Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald are hosts of the hugely popular Shameless podcast and run the company that creates it. Their podcast has been downloaded over 31 million times.  It covers everything from scandalous marriages to reality television to interviewing Julia Gillard and is hugely popular with women in their 20s who make up 95 percent of Shameless Media’s audience.  The Shameless Media empire is growing...with a newsletter, book, videos, with the pair even launching a new agency. From defamation challenges to rejecting big brand deals, Michelle and Zara have successfully navigated the challenges that come with running a company, all while maintaining a friendship.  For more of Australia’s best business journalism you can visit our website or buy our papers. Subscribers power our newsroom so to support our journalism and become a subscriber just search Subscribe the Sydney Morning Herald or The Age. See for privacy information.
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