Pete Meets The Regicide Collective
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Pete meets Bronson Walker, an Indie dev from the Victorian based studio "The Regicide Collective." In this fascinating chat the two explore what it's like to build a game pitched to be as big as Skyrim with a team of only 8! Plus a heap of other great interesting facts about 0's and 1's. See for privacy information.
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Published 12/31/21
What a year it's been in gaming! Pete and Dan break it down in this, the final episode of Game On AUS for 2021. GAME ON! See for privacy information.
Published 12/31/21
As we wrap up a big (ish) year in gaming, Pete Curulli has pleaded with his peeps at SONY to do more in 2022, after a 2021 where it seems XBOX and Nintendo won the points. See for privacy information.
Published 12/29/21