How to Stay Informed and Make a Difference (Without Getting Crushed by all the Bad News) — with Danielle Coke Balfour
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Hey friends! Welcome to Girls’ Night! I’m looking forward to today’s episode because this is a topic I think all of us need to hear. Today we’re talking about how to stay hopeful when there’s so much bad news in the world, how we can stay informed without being totally crushed in the process. We’re also talking about how we can all help make positive change in our world and in our communities. To help us with this, I invited my dear friend, Danielle Coke Balfour back on the show! Dani is a graphic designer turned artist, advocate, speaker, and entrepreneur. She’s the founder of Oh Happy Dani, an illustration-based educational platform that uses artwork and resources to make complex ideas more accessible and help others seek justice while staying hopeful. She recently wrote an incredible book called, A Heart on Fire: 100 Meditations on Loving Your Neighbors Well. This is something we all need, especially with everything happening in our world right now.  Here are a few of the things she’s going to teach us in this episode: How to process all the bad news when it feels like the world around us is falling apart How to figure out what we actually can and should do and what’s within our sphere of influence Practical things we can do with our influence, time, and money How to stay informed without damaging our mental and emotional health And more!  Friends, if you’re feeling discouraged by all of the bad news and tragic events happening in our world, you’re not alone. But amazing women like Dani are teaching us how to stay hopeful and take action and that’s why I’m so excited for you to hear this conversation! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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