Are Fragrance Dupes Ruining the Industry? (With Naked Beauty's Brooke Devard Ozaydinli)
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It's National Fragrance Day and we have one of our favorite beauty podcast hosts, Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, as a special guest co-host! Brooke created Naked Beauty, a pod you likely already listen to, which covers beauty trends, selfcare journeys, skincare, wellness tips and more. On today's show, Brooke shares her current makeup routine, some of her go-to fragrances, and speaks on what fragrance note she thinks we'll see more of in 2023. Additionally, we're diving into a recent Allure story about the complex world of fragrance dupes and sharing our opinions whether these brands should exist (or not). Shop Brooke's episode Episodes mentioned: Naked Beauty: Asia Grant Naked Beauty: Leah Thomas Naked Beauty: Melissa Butler Gloss Angeles: Melissa Butler CALL US: 424-341-0426 Shop products from our episodes Join our FB Group: Instagram: @glossangelspod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratan Twitter: @glossangelespod, @kirbiejohnson, @saratan Email: [email protected] Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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