EP 331 - Rory Scovel
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#goingdeepwithchadandjt #podcast #comedy #allthingscomedy Today, we are joined by a HUGE legend in the Comedy world. Rory Scovel aka one of our favorite comics. Some say he is the MOST CHILL man on stage. We talk about how we met at a festival. We take calls. A man needs help mending his friendship after some beef with money has broke him and his bro apart. Another legend from hawaii calls into to get the fellas involved in some body surfing. This is one of our favorite EPs, it was so fun to record and we hope you can feel that stoke through the screen. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed this collab! JABWOW!!! Check out Rory's new special here:https://www.play.max.com/movie/f897aaef-6232-4ffb-8cde-d0b7736a15aa All things Rory Here:https://www.Roryscovel.com Grab some of our dank merch here:https://shop.chadandjt.com/ Come see us on Tour! We just added 20 NEW CITIES!!!! - TIX HERE: http://www.chadandjt.com Call us, leave a 60 sec voicemail with your issue or question: 323-418-2019or write in to chadgoesdeeppodccast(at)gmail.com(Start with where you're from and name for best possible advice) Check out the reddit for some dank convo: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChadGoesDeep/
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