EP 338 - Christian Pierce & Mike Tornabene
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#goingdeepwithchadandjt #podcast #comedy #allthingscomedy Today we are joined by two legends, Christian Pierce & Mike Tornabene aka Dom Mazzetti. We talk about starting a clothing brand, The NEW 'Real Bros of Simi Valley' movie, and of course we hear from some hilarious callers. We hear from a bro who is getting back into the dating game, a lady who needs help turning a friendship into a relationship and a new college transfer who is ready to smash some brews on Pacific Beach. Check out Christian & Mike's Clothing here:https://theshellcorp.com/ We are streaming the BTS, Fully unedited version of the pod on Twitch, if you want to chat with us while we're recording, follow here: https://www.twitch.tv/chadandjtgodeep Grab some dank merch here:https://shop.chadandjt.com/ Come see us on Tour! Arizona Tomorrow and Pasadena Friday! PLUS 12 other DATES!http://www.chadandjt.com Call us, leave a 60 sec voicemail with your issue or question: 323-418-2019or write in to chadgoesdeeppodccast(at)gmail.com(Start with where you're from and name for best possible advice) Check out the reddit for some dank convo: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChadGoesDeep/
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#goingdeepwithchadandjt #podcast #comedy Today we are joined by Chris and Strider to Draft the best first time experiences. Each list is very unique to each person depending on experience. They will HAVE to give a dank reasoning behind each one to get the judges approval. Today we have a LIVE...
Published 05/22/24
Published 05/22/24
Today we are joined by the most requested guest in Going Deep history, Strider "T-Dart" Wilson. We start off the pod getting the vibes right, JT showcases some music he has been listening to recently. Then of course some dong talk followed by housing market talk. Is it even possible for younger...
Published 05/15/24