How to Be a Man - Rylan Clark speaks to David Gandy
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Rylan is joined by fellow Essex boy David Gandy for a candid conversation about his life and career as one of the most successful male models in the world. David opens up about male mental health, the lessons he has learned from female supermodels, what he makes of his own appearance and why he dislikes having his photograph taken. In his new podcast How to Be a Man, Rylan Clark opens up the fault lines of masculinity in lively and revealing conversations with diverse, prominent figures and celebrities. Together they explore toxic masculinity, old-fashioned male stereotypes, gender identity, body image, parenthood, how to educate the next generation, role models and cultural differences to try to understand How to be a Man in the 2020s. Series Editor: Yvonne Alexander Executive Producer: Kevin Mundye A Mindhouse production in association with Simple Beast for BBC Radio 4
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