How to Get Started With Meditation (Easy Method)
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Getting started with meditation can be hard. Lots of beginners find it challenging to meditate. But it doesn't have to be. Want to learn about how you can easily get started with meditation in the next few minutes, even if you've never practiced mediation before? Then stick around, because that's what we'll talk about in today's episode, and more. Episode highlights  Here are a few things you will learn in today's episode: 3 key benefits of meditation 2 key insights that can make or break any habit you want to develop The easiest way to get started with meditation (even if you are new, or have struggled in the past) The most popular meditation app How to get started in the next 5 minutes (for free) Questions? Comments? Submit them here, or on twitter.  Topics: how to meditate, meditation, meditation guide, beginner's guide, mindfulness, relaxation tips, stress tips, anxiety tips, meditation app, wellbeing, meditation benefits, mental health, self help, self care, self improvement, self development, personal growth, personal development, happiness tips --- Send in a voice message:
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