How Hard Should I Swing?
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For years, the consensus advice for golfers was to swing smoothly. We've all admired the superb players who seem to exert no effort at all. But in more recent years, we've learned the value of distance, and increasingly we've seen swings (even at the highest levels of golf) in which golfers swing so hard that they finish off-balance, recoiling the club back around. So what are we supposed to be doing? In this episode, Mark, Lou, and Greg give their advice for how hard we should be swinging if we want to shoot our best scores. Where to find us: Mark Crossfield's weekly newsletter: Mark Crossfield on Twitter: Mark Crossfield on YouTube: Lou Stagner's weekly newsletter: Lou Stagner on Twitter: Greg Chalmers on Twitter: The Hack It Out Golf Podcast on Twitter: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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