Saturday Morning Golf Stat - 500 yards, Shots to Hole Out, Scratch and 20 Index
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Welcome to the "Saturday Morning Golf Stat" from the Hack it Out Golf Podcast. Following up on last week's episode, this week we're sitting on the tee of a 500 yard par 5 with a scratch golfer and a 20 handicap. On average, how many shots will it take each of them to finish the hole? Lou poses this question to Mark and Greg, and after sorting through the answers, they consider how these averages should shape our expectations as we head to the course. Each of these will be a mini-episode (10-15 minutes long) about an interesting golf stat. We will discuss what you can learn, and most importantly, how you can apply this on the golf course to lower your scores and lower your handicap. Listen on your drive to the golf course or over your Saturday morning coffee! Data is sourced from Arccos Golf. They have over 750 MILLION shots in their database.  Check them out at:  Use code DATALOU15 for 15% off! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Welcome to the "Saturday Morning Golf Stat" from the Hack it Out Golf Podcast. On this major weekend, we have a special episode: this week, Mark asks the questions! Mark has some trivia—even Greggie-related trivia—from the history of the PGA Championship, and this week pits Lou vs. Greg in...
Published 05/18/24
Published 05/18/24
It's one of the basics of golf etiquette: repair your pitch marks. And yet, almost universally, golfers complain that the other guys don't do it. In this episode, Mark, Lou, and Greg tackle the topic of pitch marks. They float some theories as to why there are so many unrepaired craters in the...
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