Quiz scam nightmare.
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Jaeson Schultz, Technical Leader from Cisco Talos, is discussing "Spammers abuse Google Forms’ quiz to deliver scams." Dave's story discusses the disturbing new trick up a scammers sleeve to get you to fall for their schemes. Joe has two stories this week, the first a warning to those who pick up scammers phone calls and what that can lead to after gaining access to your voice. Joe's second story follows a band of organized thieves and how they have been targeting high-end homes across Metro Detroit. Our catch of the day comes from listener Van, who writes in to share a fun catch from a scammer who left a voicemail. Links to the stories: Spammers abuse Google Forms’ quiz to deliver scams Scammers are stealing people's faces for live video calls All it takes is one sentence for AI to clone your voice Expert says alleged recording of racist, antisemitic rant by Pikesville High principal could be fake Videos: Organized crews smash glass, use jammers to break into high-end Metro Detroit homes Have a Catch of the Day you'd like to share? Email it to us at [email protected].
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This week we are joined by Maria Varmazis, host of the N2K daily space show, T-Minus. Maria shares an interesting story from a listener, who writes in on an AirBnB debacle he was dealing with. Joe shares the newly released 2024 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon. Dave shares a story...
Published 05/30/24
A nation-state hacking group’s practice of funding its town activities through cybercrime or cyber mercenary work.
Published 05/28/24
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