Looking forward in 2024.
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Aaron Walton, Threat Intel Analyst from Expel is discussing some things to look out for in 2024. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up from Mateusz, who shares some positive news with us. Dave's story is about a romance scammer coming clean after failing to woo CBS News reporter, Erica Johnson. Joe's story is on the latest decision from the FCC, and how they voted to ban scam robocalls that use AI-generated voices. Our catch of the day comes from listener Chuck, just in time for tax season, he warns against a phishing scam he received about his taxes. Links to the stories: Romance scammer reveals how he tricks women after failing to fool Go Public reporter FCC votes to ban scam robocalls that use AI-generated voices Have a Catch of the Day you'd like to share? Email it to us at [email protected].
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An automatic software bug and vulnerability discovery technique that inputs invalid, unexpected and/or random data or fuzz into a program and then monitors the program's reaction to it.
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Published 04/23/24
Trevin Edgeworth, Red Team Practice Director at Bishop Fox, is discussing how change, like M&A, staff, tech, lack of clarity or even self-promotion within and around security environments presents windows of opportunity for attackers. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up, the first one...
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