Navigating the post-password landscape.
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Mike Kosak, Principal Intelligence Analyst at LastPass, is discussing passkeys, threat actors, and Volt Typhoon. Joe shares a new free certification you could get if you are looking to get into the field. Joe also shares a terrifying story about how everyone can be conned, and it's not as obvious as it may seem sometimes. Dave's story is warning Costco members of a new phishing scam that attempts to steal their credit card information. Our catch of the day comes from listener Pryce who shares an email they received regarding a charge they are getting from "NortonLifeLock." Links to the stories: FREE Entry-level Cybersecurity Training + Certification Exam Put your smugness away. You are not too clever to be conned. New Costco Membership Scam Targets Members' Credit Card Information Have a Catch of the Day you'd like to share? Email it to us at [email protected].
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A nation-state hacking group’s practice of funding its town activities through cybercrime or cyber mercenary work.
Published 05/28/24
This week, we are joined by host of 8th Layer Insights, Perry Carpenter from KnowBe4 and Dr. Jessica Barker from Cygenta to discuss human risk: awareness, behavior and beyond. Joe and Dave share some listener follow up, the first being from Richard, who writes in to share some tips and tricks...
Published 05/23/24
Published 05/23/24