The Higher Road
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The Bedells remind everyone to checkout the Home Show at the Wisconsin State Fair this weekend, where Skip will be making some cool presentations! Alison addresses some drama that was initiated by another member of the Carolla Digital Family. OJ and Bill Cosby are in the news. Skip answers listener questions, including a shower coming off the wall, replacing laminate counter tops and building a new workshop. Finally, they answer listener neighbor dispute questions!
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Published 02/26/21
The Bedells are back after a hiatus and they are with Joe Cumia again.  They’ve been incredibly busy with new show creation and home renovation, and have finally gotten a much needed break from the stress.  The gang is sipping Jameson, but Alison needs an interesting chaser.  Ali is growing sweet...
Published 10/07/16
The Bedells have begun binge watching tv again, and they share their new favs.  Alison made a new reality tv acquaintance with a star of a new fav show, who was a fan already.  There’s new breast fashion, and it isn’t for everyone.  They had a really tough steak tonight, and it reminded them of...
Published 09/10/16