Massive and crushing disappointment
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Join Ian Stone, Amy Lawrence and Adrian Clarke for look back at a miserable night in N17. This week: we dissect the disappointing night that saw Spurs easily best Arsenal. We debate the big calls on the night, talk through what it means for the rest of the season, and learn about "bread poultice" RUNNING ORDER PART 1 - Bread poultice: 01:00 PART 2a - Spurs 3-0 Arsenal : 08 :00 PART 3a - Champions League or Europa League : 29.00 PART 3b - Newcastle preview : 32.00
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This week Ian Stone is joined by Amy Lawrence and Adrian Clarke to talk all things Norway, numbers, and transfers. All things being *at the time of recording* there's been no names just yet but since we last spoke the name Lisandro Martinez has picked up apace. Therefore asking the question, is...
Published 06/21/22
We're back for the new season! And it's Ian Stone, Adrian Clarke and Amy Lawrence here to bring you up to date with everything that's happened in the Arsenal landscape since we last spoke - including a certain midfielder called Vieira. And this week's big question - Can you retire a song? All...
Published 06/17/22