´´HIV is just a small part of me´´
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 In this episode, I talked to Angelina who has work experience of over 25 years in the HIV sector. Apart from living with HIV, which is just a tiny part of her life, She is a founder member of the 4M Network of Mentor Mothers Living with HIV to train them to support their Peers in their pregnancy journey. She sits on various National and International Advisory boards like the  National HIV Nurses Association, she has been a Community representative of BHIVA, and has co-authored various articles in Peer review journals and  reports. With all her participation in these various Departments, she distinguishes the changes that have occurred over the years when it comes to the theme of HIV and urges everyone including the media to be part of ending Stigma, this will encourage many people to go for early tests and start their therapy on time if need . Don't miss Episode 9 part 2 for more!!.
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