Help with my visa Podcast: Getting Your Dream Job in the UK, with Clinical Researcher Sofia Chowdhury
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In this episode of the Help with my visa! Podcast we talk to Clinical Researcher Sofia Chowdhury about how she found her Dream Job while also moving from Russia with her young family.   This episode is an excellent listen for anyone thinking about moving to the UK to find their Dream Job, as Sofia tells us exactly what worked for her... and what didn't.   Sofia is a Russian national and talks us through how she initially moved to the UK with her husband and two young children, and then undertook a major career change to land a role at the University of Edinburgh, one of the most prestigious institutions for clinical research in the world.   Originally trained as a cardiologist and with a PhD, before moving to the UK Sofia spent a decade in commercial roles at a major customer experience management organisation.   She tells us how she pivoted to move back into medicine as a Clinical Researcher, and what she needed to do to successfully land her Dream Job in the UK.   From networking to gaining additional qualifications and making sure her CV was 100% laser-focused on the role she wanted, Sofia's experience shows how it's possible to successfully make major life-changing decisions and move to the UK to find work.   You can hear her story on the Help with my visa! Podcast, and do make sure you like and subscribe so you're notified when the next episode is published.
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