‘Bachelorette’ S19e4 with Kelsey McKinney
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It’s week four of our favorite reality show… a little something we like to call “Let’s Destroy Rachel’s Confidence.” It’s an uplifting docu-series about what happens when two beautiful, brilliant women are tortured by a bunch of producers and editors for mass entertainment. Today we’re joined by the wonderful Kelsey McKinney of Defector Media and the Normal Gossip podcast!
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We had four hours of Bachelor in Paradise this week, and they were four extremely chaotic hours. Let’s get into it!
Published 10/05/22
Bachelor in Paradise is here!! Season 8 of the franchise’s most fun spinoff is premiering just in time for fall. What’s more autumn than dating in bikinis? Here to join us for the first day on the beach is Aubrey Gordon, host of the podcast Maintenance Phase!
Published 09/28/22