Denise's Journey of Love and Letting Go
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In this heartfelt episode, Theresa offers comfort and closure to Denise, who is navigating the grief of losing her spouse. Through Theresa, Denise's husband communicates powerful messages, easing her guilt by confirming that his passing was on his terms. Spirit assures Denise of his continual presence, emphasizing that his soul remains with her, evidenced by the signs she encounters daily. Affectionately calling her "D," he encourages Denise to pursue their shared dreams and emphasizes the importance of their son believing in the afterlife. This episode is a touching exploration of love beyond loss, the acceptance of death on one's own terms, and the enduring connections that transcend the physical world. Join us for a story of unbreakable bonds and the healing power of spiritual assurance. Call 1-866-TCAPUTO for your chance at a reading on Hey Spirit! Stay in touch with Theresa! Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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