Spirit's Messages of Comfort Help Michelle in Healing
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In this reading, Theresa connects with Michelle and her daughter, who receive messages that connect them with their departed loved ones, including Michelle's father and a best friend who was lost tragically in a car accident. Throughout the reading, Theresa addresses the emotional impact of these losses, offering validation and healing. She delves into the mediumship process, explaining how spirit communicates to reassure Michelle that they are still by her side. They focus on managing grief, honoring the deceased through creative expressions like art and tattoos, and the significance of personal symbols like feathers. This reading emphasizes the importance of self-care, resolving unresolved emotions, and the healing power of acknowledging and forgiving. Call 1-866-TCAPUTO for your chance at a reading on Hey Spirit! Stay in touch with Theresa! Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok www.theresacaputo.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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