Eternal Bonds: A Mother's Heartfelt Connection Beyond the Veil
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In this deeply touching episode, we witness a heartfelt connection as Theresa reads for Lataja, a grieving mother seeking solace and connection with her departed loved ones. The session begins with technical difficulties that Theresa interprets as signs from spirit, setting the stage for an emotional reading ahead. Theresa delivers profoundly reassuring messages from Lataja’s son, who tragically passed away. She receives comforting validations and loving messages from her son, ensuring her that his soul is at peace and with loved ones on the other side. This episode is a testament to the love and unbreakable bond that continue after death, offering listeners a moving insight into the healing power of spiritual communication. Call 1-866-TCAPUTO for your chance at a reading on Hey Spirit! Stay in touch with Theresa! Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - TikTok Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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