The Petulant President's British Adventure with guest Sam Vinograd
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True to form, President Trump created controversy before he even stepped foot in the U.K this week for his official state visit with the Royal family. From insulting the Mayor of London to disrespecting Princess Meghan to accusing Britain of "spying" on his campaign, is Trump jeopardizing our "special relationship" with our oldest and most important ally? Former Obama National Security Council Senior Staffer, Biden Institute Senior Advisor and CNN National Security Analyst, Sam Vinograd joins Tara to discuss the implications of Trump's visit to the U.K. and France for the upcoming 75th Anniversary of D-Day. As the daughter of a holocaust survivor, Sam shares her perspective on the importance of D-Day and breaks down the significance of the rise of European nationalism eerily reminiscent of the forces we fought against in WWII. Sam also shares her thoughts on why Jared Kushner's disastrous Axios interview is further proof he isn't qualified to have a security clearance or a job in the White House. Tara recaps big political stories from the last two weeks including Robert Mueller's surprise press conference and discusses her recent appearance as a guest host on The View alongside the legendary Whoopi Goldberg.
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