HoS: Amin Elhassan on the Dan Hurley/Adrian Wojnarowski/Lakers Head Fake, NBA Finals
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This is a free preview of a paid episode. To hear more, visit www.houseofstrauss.com When there’s an ESPN + Adrian Wojnarowski driven controversy, Amin Elhassan and I delight in our ability to discuss the issue unfettered. And so we addressed this whole Woj + Danny Hurley + Lakers mess, while also talking about, what else? A Bay Area meetup that included many brilliant rationalists, featuring some of their peculiarities. Oh ya, and also the Boston Celtics. Topics include but aren’t limited to… * Manifest Festival in Berkeley was such a unique setting. I run it all by a skeptical Amin * What’s with the Effective Altruists and polyamory? * Nate Silver as questions-besieged Nerd King * Do I love the Boston Celtics? I explain my affection for this much maligned now heavy NBA Finals favorite * Amin and I get into the absolutely bizarre Adrian Wojnarowski driven story where the Lakers seemed about to hire Danny Hurley (45 Minute Mark) * Was this a leverage play for Hurley? Or a different kind of Woj driven conquest? * How my being fired shaped Amin’s perception of the leading news breaker
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Published 07/24/24
This is a free preview of a paid episode. To hear more, visit www.houseofstrauss.com Glass man alert! Our favorite sports media expert has broken news, and so we discuss his stories, plus a range of other topics. To copy Ryan’s notes, here’s our loaded topic docket: * Skip Bayless leaving FS1 *...
Published 07/17/24
Published 07/17/24