Empowered Garifuna Woman with Jasminne Rochez
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In this episode Jasminne speaks about her experience growing up in a traditional Garifuna household while battling mental health and identity issues as a Gen-Z. We dive into ways we can close the gap as first-generation Americans and healthy practices as we work to end the stigma! Outro Song: Fernandez Band - Wayarou * I DO NOT OWN COPYRIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC* Podcast Instagram: @hdy.sygpodcast Host Instagram: @__alisonm Bio: Jasminne Rochez is a Brooklyn, NY native and is a recent college graduate from Binghamton University. During her undergraduate career, she studied English with a concentration in creative writing along with cinema. Jasminne has written short fiction stories inspired both by her personal experiences as a Garifuna girl growing up and her imagination. She strives to work in the digital media and entertainment industry while she writes her short stories on the side. YouTube channel: Blurred Lights https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCC4HmwVqlTQVuUycKngwaw/featured #EmpoweredGarifunaWoman
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