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What's in a name?  Well, today's episode aims to find out just that as we explore the animals that are named after people and if it's really a good idea to be doing it after all. We find Birda skulking around in the reeds to tell us about Clapper Rails before Roddy defends the UK's Ribena stocks against hordes of Wrinkle-faced Bats. Then we put our dancing shoes on for our listener question as we work out which animal we'd choose as our "two" to tango.  To learn more about our partners Birda and download their free birdwatching app, visit their website at   To support the show by leaving us a donation to help keep growing the podcast, please visit:  
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Greetings ant fans! Today's episode is acting as a super colony of ant facts with Roddy as its queen as we dive into a group of animals we've been in awe of on the show for quite some time. Strap in as we learn about the most sophisticated and fearsome civilizations on planet earth and why ants...
Published 10/03/23
We've done Australia at war with the emu, we've done artists in love with wombats, but strap in for one of the maddest mash ups of humans and animals from history as we look at how THE ACTUAL US GOVERNMENT had a plan to weaponise bats in WW2... move over Oppenheimer, we're talking bat bombs! Then...
Published 09/26/23
Published 09/26/23