Intimate Knowledge with Julianne Hough
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Brooks' wife, Julianne Hough, joins the guys to talk about intimacy, sex, and How Men Think. 
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The guys continue the conversation about sex and intimacy. Sex and intimacy coach Lila Darville is in studio to challenge How Men Think.They must dig deep and get real when talking with a woman whose marriage is falling apart after ten years.
Published 07/15/19
Ladies,  you post a photo of yourself on Instagram....the guys will tell you How Men Think and what really works and what doesn’t.Gavin reveals his perfect night out. (don’t only gets a little awkward.)The guys have a spicy debate about diet, nutrition, sports, and health for...
Published 07/01/19
The guys waste zero time getting personal with sex, guilt, and when they're going to call you.Brooks and Gavin talk about commitment and the right time to have kids.And, the guys reveal unknown "bathroom habits" and  let you in on men and their secrets.  Is it TMI?
Published 06/24/19