The woman who ran for 83 hours: Jasmin Paris, Series 1 Episode 6
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Fell runner Jasmine Paris made headlines when she became the first woman to win the gruelling 268-mile Montane Spine Race outright. Dubbed ‘Britain’s most brutal’ running event, it takes place in the depths of winter and sees competitors running the entire length of the Pennine Way – mostly in pitch black darkness. In this episode, Rob Pope chats to Jasmin about what it took to finish the race in 83h 12m 23s – 12 hours faster than anyone of either sex had before. From tactically deciding when – and how much – to sleep, to ensure she stayed ahead of the pack, to how, mentally, she coped with the very, long and difficult sections of this desperately lonely race. Still breastfeeding her 14-month-old daughter, Rowan, at the time, Jasmin also touches on the logistics of having to express breastmilk at the race's various checkpoints along the way but, describes how, despite the media attention this gained at the time, "it really wasn't such a big deal". Jasmin also provides her view on why women are more competitive with the men when it comes to ultra-distance running – but explains why she, personally, doesn't see herself as 'superhuman'. Listen to more episodes and discover more about How to Be Superhuman at
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