The man who wheelied for 37 miles around an entire island: Dougie Lampkin, Series 1 Episode 7
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Rob Pope speaks to trials bike legend and Red Bull athlete Dougie Lampkin about his record-breaking 37-mile wheelie around the Island of Man's TT course. The feat, which Dougie took months of painstaking preparation and saw Dougie pushed to the very limits of his physical and mental capacity. Chatting to Rob about what exactly went into making it happen, Dougie opens up about the many setbacks he endured on his journey to the start line – and how, at one point, he even pulled the plug on the project completely, as he began to believe he had taken on the impossible. He also reveals the overwhelming pressure he experienced on the day itself, when swarmed by film crews and spectators – and haunted by the underlying knowledge that, with one small slip, the project would be over. And as Dougie relives the course, section by section, with Rob – from riding over the Snaefell mountain road amid volatile winds, to the crippling pain he felt in his back and legs as he attempted to maintain control of the bike going into the home-straight – the knife-edge nature of this never-before-done feat becomes eye-wateringly clear... Watch the Red Bull TV documentary 'Wheelie Man' at Listen to more episodes and discover more about How to Be Superhuman at
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