Bonus: The fastest woman to cycle around the world: Jenny Graham, Series 1 Episode 13
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In this extra special episode, Scottish cyclist Jenny Graham chatted to Rob Pope about how she broke the female world record for cycling around the globe – unsupported – in 2018, smashing Italian Paola Gianotti’s four-year record by an extraordinary 20 days. Recorded and streamed live during Red Bull Timelaps – the world’s longest one-day cycling event, which challenges riders to accumulate as much distance as possible within 25 hours – Jenny’s story of cycling 18,000 miles, through 16 countries, completely self-supported, served as much-needed inspiration to event participants – and will to any budding endurance cyclists. Averaging more than 156 miles a day for 124 days, Jenny gives a thrilling account of her extraordinary journey. From being greeted by beautiful blinding sunrises after long nights of riding, to experiencing new magical cultures and ways of life, to the many incredible and unforgettable interactions she had with those she met on her journey, Jenny describes the gratitude she felt every day as she made her way around the globe, powered by her own steam. But, as Jenny describes, it wasn’t without its challenges: freezing temperatures, deadly wildlife, illness, and overwhelming exhaustion made for some truly testing days, which saw Jenny pushed to the very edge of her physical and mental limits… Listen to all episodes and discover more about How to Be Superhuman at
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Published 06/28/21
Published 06/28/21
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