Episode 7: Grace and Encouragement
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In the final episode, Tim Keller shares the important role of grace in today's Christian witness, encouragement about the hope our mission carries, and a brief personal update on the gospel's role in his life.
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Published 12/09/21
Tim Keller explains why Christians living out their faith in vocations and other public spaces is crucial for a missionary encounter. Missy Wallace casts a vision for viewing our jobs as one of the primary venues for putting our faith into practice. Artist Makoto Fujimura invites us to see...
Published 12/09/21
Tim Keller discusses how to deconstruct cultural narratives and reconstruct them with biblical teaching, and the broader community necessary for Christian formation. Amsterdam pastor Tim Vreugdenhil describes a creative form of evangelism that has led him to reimagine Christian formation in a...
Published 12/02/21