168: Gain an Actor, Lose a Release Date
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Discovery gains a new cast member but once again gets pushed from its expected release date, SpaceX gets back on track with a successful launch, Amazon's Alexa now answers to "Computer", and NASA pays tribute to the lives lost throughout our history of space exploration. Stories Star Trek: Discovery (00:00:21) DSC Pushed Back EW: http://trekfm.link/2knKAWg TrekMovie: http://trekfm.link/2kvTdk9 Sarek Casting: http://trekfm.link/2jJl6R4 DSC Teaser CBS News: http://trekfm.link/2knBed5 TrekNews: http://trekfm.link/2l1bmng Patrick Stewart Cast in Emoji Movie (00:03:23) Nerdist: http://trekfm.link/2knKXQE SpaceX (00:04:01) Gizmodo: http://trekfm.link/2knK9eu ArsTechnica: http://trekfm.link/2k21KHH Asteroid Naming (00:04:39) CNet: http://trekfm.link/2k1ZtMK NASA: http://trekfm.link/2kyIc0Y Amazon Alexa (00:04:57) LifeHacker: http://trekfm.link/2k1MDOC Star Trek Adventures (00:05:23) Official Site: http://trekfm.link/2kntFTF NASA Day of Remembrance (00:06:02) NASA: http://trekfm.link/2jJqCDm Astronaut Gene Cernan (00:06:33) ABC News: http://trekfm.link/2k7pBZb Recommended Viewing (00:07:30) 360 Video: http://trekfm.link/2jDMwws Quantum is Calling: http://trekfm.link/2l1oGI3 Host Luke Weir Production Luke Weir (Editor and Producer) C Bryan Jones (Executive Producer) Matthew Rushing (Executive Producer) Charlynn Schmiedt (Executive Producer) Ken Tripp (Executive Producer) Norman C. Lao (Associate Producer) Richard Marquez (Production Manager)
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