Chat GPT and Artist Statements: Do You Use It?
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Have you ever contemplated using Chat GPT for your artist statement? This week, I'm sharing my view on using AI as an artist and what I think the best way of using it is.   Link to article mentioned:   I Like Your Work Links: Check out our sponsor for this episode: Sunlight Tax Join Money Bootcamp now by clicking this link: and use the code LIKE for $100 off your purchase!    Chautauqua Visual Arts: 2-week residency 6-week residency     Join the Works Membership ! Watch our Youtube channel: Submit Your Work Check out our Catalogs! Exhibitions Studio Visit Artist Interviews I Like Your Work Podcast Say “hi” on Instagram
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Laura Sallade is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. Sallade earned a Certificate in Sculpture from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2013 and is completing a coordinated Bachelors of Fine Arts at The University of Pennsylvania. During her time at UPenn, the artist has also...
Published 04/12/24
This week, I'm chatting about fear and how you can move through imposter syndrome as an artist to grow in your career.    Check out our sponsor for this episode: The Sunlight Podcast: Hannah Cole, the artist/tax pro who sponsors I Like Your Work, has launched Business Deduction Deep Dive:  ...
Published 04/05/24