Episode 125: IFRIC Update
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Join Andrea Pryde and Karsten Ganssauge for an update from the February 2022 IFRS Interpretations Committee meeting. The topics include TLTRO III transactions and negative low or new energy vehicle credits. There was also an education session on IFRS 17.
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Join Laura Kennedy and Karsten Ganssauge as they discuss three topics from the June 2023 IFRS Interpretations Committee meeting: Energy contracts and the ‘own-use’ exemption from financial instrument accounting Mergers between a parent and its subsidiary Consolidation when the parent is...
Published 06/15/23
Join Raihazah Shaikh, Mark Randall and Laura Kennedy as they discuss the latest developments under IFRS 9 classification and measurement. Topics include: An overview of what is involved in the post implementation review The proposed amendments to IFRS 9 covering contractual cash flow...
Published 05/24/23