The Immune team reveals a new type of T helper cell that drives the production of IgE, leading to allergic responses.
Published 09/19/19
The immunosomes explain that widely used inbred laboratory mice are not identical, and how to tell them apart.
Published 08/14/19
Immune reveals an alternative to a protective vaccine, engineered B cells that produce antiviral antibodies.
Published 07/31/19
Immune tackles the finding that patients with Type I diabetes have lymphocytes with both TCR and BCR that may drive the pathogenesis of the disease.
Published 06/12/19
The Immune trio explains how activation of the inflammasome by a bacterial protein causes blood clotting through a programmed cell death process called pyroptosis.
Published 05/29/19
The Immune team discusses immunization of pregnant mice to protect offspring from neonatal herpes simplex virus disease.
Published 04/17/19
The immunophiles discuss T cell antigen discovery by trogocytosis - the transfer of membrane patches among cells in close contact.
Published 03/27/19
The immunophiles explain how metabolic rewiring of macrophages by CpG promotes clearance of cancer cells.
Published 02/13/19
The Immune team turns to chickens, which have been important in understanding the immune system, to show that infection of mature B cells is not required for the pathogenesis of Marek's disease herpesvirus.
Published 01/19/19
Stephanie takes the Immune team on a tour of neutrophils, the most abundant leukocytes in mammals, including tethers and slings, neutrophil rolling, and neutrophil nets.
Published 12/22/18
The Immune team explains the science behind the 2018 Nobel Prizes awarded to Allison and Honjo: checkpoint immunotherapy.
Published 11/14/18
The ImmuNerds discuss how a cellular long non-coding RNA binds to an innate RNA sensor and regulates virus-induced interferon production to prevent damage to the host.
Published 10/20/18
The Immune trifecta explores systems immunology, and its use in a study of immune system development in newborn children.
Published 09/19/18
Cindy and Vincent describe the construction of a gene network that programs mammalian cells to detect and eliminate bacterial infections.
Published 08/18/18
The Immune team travels to the University of Maryland for ASV 2018, where they meet up with Rebecca Lynch to explore her work on broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV-1.
Published 07/21/18
The Immune team explores the variable lymphocyte receptors of jawless vertebrates, a system of immunity that parallels the structurally unrelated antibodies of jawed vertebrates.
Published 06/20/18
The Immune team reveals how γδ T cells that synthesize interleukin-17A regulate adipose regulatory T cell homeostasis and thermogenesis.
Published 05/25/18
The Immune hosts discuss how the complement system functions, and its role in early synapse loss in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
Published 04/18/18
The Immune hosts explain how antibody molecules mature, then discuss the finding in infants of potent neutralizing antibodies against respiratory syncytial virus without somatic hypermutation.
Published 03/16/18
The ImmuoModulators provide a primer on mucosal defenses, and explain how sensitizing female mice to food allergens prevents allergic reactions in their offspring.
Published 02/22/18
The immu-knowledge-ists deconstruct the holy grail of oncologists, cancer immunotherapy, and the exciting development of CAR T cells and how they work.
Published 01/23/18
Cindy, Steph, and Vincent discuss recent problems with dengue virus vaccine, and a bi-specific monoclonal antibody against Zika virus.
Published 12/16/17
Cindy, Steph, and Vincent reveal that lymphocyte trafficking through lymph nodes and lymph are circadian - it is dependent on the time of day.
Published 11/25/17
Cindy, Steph, and Vincent launch a new podcast, Immune, and reveal how warm temperature protects against atherosclerosis by regulating monocyte migration into the blood.
Published 10/31/17