Name, Image, Likeness & the Battle for Atlantis (w/ Carl Tart, Luka Jones)
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Don’t forget where you came from! Luka wants his holidays on other dates; and Carl knows how to fry a turkey but are the referees at the Battle of Atlantis are just corrupt cops calling too many technicals? Fifth tier customers have the right to throw biscuits, but how much can the BBQ restaurant devote to the NIL fund? F**k LA? Give the gift of improv this season by gifting a membership to all of the podcasts offered on Only $40! For a truly unforgettable surprise, you can also give a PERSONAL IMPROV SCENE from Besser and friends by clicking on Gift-A-Scene at the bottom of the home page! See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Published 02/15/24
Published 02/15/24
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