Grad School Hookup, A Piggy Back Ride, Some Hotel Oral Fun.
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A man in grad school has a hook up with a sexy classmate. A man gives a piggy back ride to his girlfriend's best friend. A man hooks up with a woman and her friend in a hotel. By submitting a confession and/or question you certify the following stipulations to be true: You are the sole creator of the submission; You are 18 years of age or older and legally able to write, submit erotic or pornographic material Stories including Bestiality, Incest and Incest Fantasies, Underage Role-Play, Rape Sex, Rape Fantasies or other non-consensual content or Racial slurs will not be aired. We reserve the right to change names and other identifiable information. I am releasing all rights to this creation Dear Nikky: Sex Confessions From People Just Like You is out now!! Want to have a drink with me? Book Krazy Summer Nightsbefore it's sold out.. I'll be there. You can find me also a Twitter,  Instagram, Facebook, and Smuttyfy. If you liked the show leave a positive review on any platform you listen to the show on. You can send me confessions directly to my P.O. Box. 1750 Jefferson St. #104674 Jefferson City, MO 65109 You can find me Dear Nikky:  Patreon:  Dear Nikky Spotify: Dear Nikky iTunes: Dear Nikky --- Send in a voice message:
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