In Moscow's Shadows 65: Fabian Burkhardt on Russia's Elites, Coups and Rumours
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For an experimental change in format, this episode is given over to a long conversation with Fabian Burkhardt of IOS-Regensburg, who works on Russian elites, institutions and authoritarian politics. He gives his sense on the state and loyalties of the elites, on the chances of any kind of palace coups, and the degree to which we are all flailing around in the fog of (info)war. As for relevant publications of Fabian's on the topic of the podcast: "Institutionalising Authoritarian Presidencies: Polymorphous Power and Russia’s Presidential Administration" , "Foolproofing Putinism", "The Fog of War and Power Dynamics in Russia’s Elite: Defections and Purges, or Simply Wishful Thinking?" Useful sources for listeners some of which Fabian used in his prep or mentioned in podcast: Adam Casey, "Putin Has Coup-Proofed His Regime" Timothy Frye "Why Regime Change in Russia Might Not Be a Good Idea" Vladimir Milov "Ugroza perevorota v Rossii. Okruzhenie P****a sposobno na zagovor? FSB, Sovbez, FSO, Genshtab i drugie." [The threat of a coup in Russia. Is Putin's entourage capable to stage a conspiracy? FSB, Security Council, FSO, General Staff and others] Mark Galeotti "Putin is devouring his children", "Putin’s totalitarian turn" Stanislav Markus "Meet Russia’s oligarchs, a group of men who won't be toppling Putin anytime soon" Farida Rustamova "They’re carefully enunciating the word clusterf*ck", "'Now we're going to f*ck them all.' What's happening in Russia's elites after a month of war" Andrey Pertsev "Blindsided Russia’s top officials were caught off guard by Putin’s war in Ukraine. Many of them want to resign — but can’t.", "Filling the void Putin’s administration no longer hopes to take Kyiv. The Russian president has yet to make a final decision." Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan "Could the Siloviki Challenge Putin?" Dossier Center "Beseda na doprose. Deistvitelno li arestovan glava 5-i sluzhby FSB" [Interrogation of Beseda. Was the head of the FSB's Fifth Service really arrested?] You can also follow my blog, In Moscow's Shadows, and become one of the podcast's supporting Patrons and gain question-asking rights and access to exclusive extra materials right here.  Support the show (
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