Episode 85 - THE JUNIOR KHANYE STORY: more than just football
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I have already told you on social media just how compelling Nikolaos Kirkinis' biography of former professional footballer Junior Khayne is. You can also check out my written review ( https://www.timeslive.co.za/sunday-times-daily/opinion-and-analysis/2022-03-27-book-review-the-junior-khanye-story-nimble-on-the-field-tripping-off-it/ ) of this book, Ghetto Ninja: The Junior Khanye Story.  In this latest episode of In The Ring, you are in for an even greater treat; the author, Niko, is as compelling a guest interviewee as he is an author, and I have no doubt you will listen uninterrupted to this entire conversation with him, wishing I had kept him on for longer. Enjoy, and then go and buy the book!
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