Story of Sita
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After the Story of Rama, a question might arise in your mind that why did Rama not return to his kingdom despite being stopped by his father and called back by his brother. Well, that’s Rama. He believed that he needed to follow certain rules as a friend, king, master, son, and husband. He was the most loving husband who fought demon Ravana to save his wife Sita but at the same time, he did not accept her until he proved her loyalty towards him. Sita fearlessly entered the fire and emerged unfarmed, proving to the world her faithfulness.   Ramayana is not just about Rama but also Sita. Sometimes it is also called “Sita Charitam”.  Sita was called Janaki, daughter of Janaka and Maithili as the princess of Mithila. She was an ideal woman who was strong and fearless. Only she dared to counter-question, Rama. Sita is said to be discovered in a furrow in a plowed field by King Janaka. She is also referred to as Bhumi, daughter of Earth. She grew up as a wife child who questioned people about life and its ways. She at times also exhibited superpowers like once in her childhood she moved a huge and heavy trunk to get a ball. After she got married to Rama, during the time of Rama’s coronation, they had to leave Ayodhya in exile. Despite being all the hardships one faces in the forest, Sita decided to accompany her husband no matter what.   Sita lived happily in the forest with the wives of other sages until one day a demoness called Surpanaka happened to see Rama and was attracted to him. She approached him and urged him to marry her but Rama refused. Surpanaka unable to accept the rejection attacked Sita. Lakshman immediately cut off her nose. Screaming and wailing Surpanaka went to her brother Ravana, the fiercest demon. A few days later, Sita saw a golden deer, she was very insisted on getting the deer. Sita was instructed not to leave the protective line drawn by Lakshman.  But she crossed the line and fell into the trap of Ravana. He grabbed Sita and put her into his Pushpaka vimana, a flying chariot. He chopped off the wings of Jatayu, the bird who fought bravely to save Sita. Sita threw all her jewels for Rama to follow the trail. Ravana took Sita to Lanka and placed her in the Palace garden.   Sita had complete faith in Rama that he would save her. Therefore she paid no heat and attention to Ravana’s threat. As she expected, Rama saved her with the help of Hanumana and Vanar Sena. Her joy knew no bounds but not for long. As practiced earlier, Sita was asked to prove her faithfulness. She chooses to give “Agnipariksha”. She came out of the fire unharmed and no one could question her loyalty. After all these, Rama was coronated as the King of Ayodhya and Sita, the Queen. Later, she was sent off to the forest where she had two sons. After years when she was summoned back to the palace as queen, she denied being one. Instead, she enters the Earth from where she came. See for privacy information.
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