Let Us Prey w/Eric Skwarczynski
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Eric Skwarczynski is a versatile media professional with a passion for storytelling. Over the past 7 years, he has held various roles, including videographer, photographer, writer, and graphic designer, leading him to explore over 20 states and 13 countries. His mission revolves around shedding light on the significant issue of mental, physical, and sexual abuse within Independent Baptist Churches. Eric hosts the Preacher Boys podcast, which debuted in January 2020 and has garnered 3 million downloads to date. Content from the podcast has been showcased on Peacock and CBC, along with his accompanying YouTube channel, approaching 2 million views. Additionally, he has recently introduced a second YouTube channel, called “Film School’d”, where he features directors, actors, writers, and other experts from the film industry. He is part of a docuseries titled, “LET US PREY: A MINISTRY OF SCANDALS”, which recently premiered as a four-part event on Investigation Discovery. Following its premiere on ID, all four parts of “Let Us Prey” are now available to stream on HBO Max In this insightful conversation, Eric shares with Rachel his insights on the toxic culture of Independent Fundamentalist Baptists and details the isolating and life-changing catalyst that propelled him into the advocacy work he does now. Before You Go: Rachel expands on how authoritarian religious groups often use the idealism of genuine believers as a mechanism of control to manipulate their sense of purpose. You can find out more about the documentary "Let Us Prey" here: https://www.investigationdiscovery.com/show/let-us-prey-a-ministry-of-scandals-investigation-discovery-atve-us Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/dCrsz6y44p4?si=HER4XPMJDNAIT98P You can find more info about Eric and his work at: https://www.preacherboyspodcast.com/ All of Rachel's free informational PDF documents are available here: www.rachelbernsteintherapy.com/pdf.html All of Rachel's video lectures are available for purchase here: rachelbernsteintherapy.com/videos.html To help support the show monthly and get bonus episodes, shirts, and tote bags, please visit: www.patreon.com/indoctrination Prefer to support the IndoctriNation show with a one-time donation? Use this link: www.paypal.me/indoctrination Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: twitter.com/_indoctrination Facebook: www.facebook.com/indoctrinationpodcast Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@indoctrinationpodcast Instagram: www.instagram.com/indoctrinationpodcast/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/rachelbernsteinlmft You can always help the show for free by leaving a rating on Spotify or a review on Apple/ iTunes. It really helps the visibility of the show!
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