Why Don't You Say Something w/Eva Collins
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Eva Collins is a content creator and online business consultant with over 20 years of experience in the spiritual and personal development world and 8 years in the online business and coaching industry. She has 750 hours of yoga teacher training, along with certifications in Reiki and health coaching. Over the years, during her entrepreneurship journey, she started learning from and working for some big names in the online business industry, and during the pandemic, she slowly began to realize that she’d found herself caught up in an online business cult— even though she’d never met most of these people or the teacher in person. After waking up to the manipulation, abuse, and shady practices she had seen, she quit everything. She quit her online coaching business and started working at a nursing home doing bedside care. She created the Instagram account called “why don't you say something” to call out manipulation and empower people to speak up, sharing people’s stories and experiences anonymously. One of the things that fueled her to see the truth and share it, was her previous experience in the One Taste Cult in New York City, 10 years ago. She saw through it then, spoke up about it, and helped others break free from the group, hosting them at her house when they’d decided to leave. Today, Eva is passionate about helping people recover from spiritual abuse and navigate the online business world without falling for the same traps. She’s on a mission to promote authenticity, honesty, and ethical practices in both the spiritual and marketing realms. In this insightful conversation, Eva details her experience getting wrapped up in the often shady world of online coaching, throughout the discussion, she points out some of the important red flags to watch out for when encountering "professionals" in this new and growing industry. Rachel points out the parallels of coaching influencers with that of cult leaders or high-control online groups and gurus. Before You Go: Rachel explains how grounding the true helping professions can be for its practitioners and explains why you should be wary of new terminology used to imply licensure or legitimacy where it is not earned or warranted. You can find more info about Eva and her work at: https://www.whydontyousaysomething.com/ Be sure to follow her excellent Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/whydontyousaysomething/ All of Rachel's free informational PDF documents are available here: www.rachelbernsteintherapy.com/pdf.html All of Rachel's video lectures are available for purchase here: rachelbernsteintherapy.com/videos.html To help support the show monthly and get bonus episodes, shirts, and tote bags, please visit: www.patreon.com/indoctrination Prefer to support the IndoctriNation show with a one-time donation? Use this link: www.paypal.me/indoctrination Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: twitter.com/_indoctrination Facebook: www.facebook.com/indoctrinationpodcast Tik Tok: www.tiktok.com/@indoctrinationpodcast Instagram: www.instagram.com/indoctrinationpodcast/ YouTube: www.youtube.com/rachelbernsteinlmft You can always help the show for free by leaving a rating on Spotify or a review on Apple/ iTunes. It really helps the visibility of the show!
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