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Emma Lehman is the host and producer of Gooned, a limited-series investigative podcast now available on all platforms. Gooned is a podcast about the Troubled Teen Industry (TTI), a network of profit-incentivized behavior modification facilities for youth ranging from wilderness programs to therapeutic boarding schools. ​​ ​​​​Gooned is Emma’s second investigative podcast. Her first podcast, Texas Twiggy, explores the life and career of actress and producer Shelley Duvall. Both Gooned and Texas Twiggy are available wherever you get your podcasts. In this thoughtful and informative discussion, Emma shares with Rachel what she learned from her undercover work reporting on the troubled teen industry. Throughout the conversation, they discuss the dangerous lack of qualifications that permeate the entire industry from the top down pointing out the desperate need for stricter regulation. Before You Go: Rachel points out in further detail the inherent dangers of TTI facilities and how they are actually antithetical to rehabilitation. You can find more information about Gooned at: ​​ All of Rachel's free informational PDF documents are available here: All of Rachel's video lectures are available for purchase here: To help support the show monthly and get bonus episodes, shirts, and tote bags, please visit: Prefer to support the IndoctriNation show with a one-time donation? Use this link: Connect with us on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok: Instagram: YouTube: You can always help the show for free by leaving a rating on Spotify or a review on Apple/ iTunes.
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