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On this week's episode of Innovation Fuel, Paul Brassard, Managing Partner and Founder of Volition, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and first-hand experiences that led him to being a Master Pitch and Professional Coach.    Dave, Gelareh and Paul further discussed Investor Pitching as a career and the problem Volition are solving in creating networks and opportunities for collision, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across startup sectors and stakeholders.    
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Are you having issues finding investors? On this week's episode of Innovation Fuel, we welcome back Raghwa Gopal, President and CEO of Innovate BC. Raghwa discusses BC's Government funding and support process, in addition to highlighting some of the different accelerators within Canada. Listen...
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It is always exciting to have entrepreneurs on #InnovationFuel! In this episode, Abbie Morris, the Manager of Programs and Strategic Initiatives at the Investment Agriculture Foundation of British Columbia, shared with us her entrepreneurial journey and the two (2) key products she is currently...
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We are excited to have Ingrid Polini back! In this week’s episode of Innovation Fuel, Ingrid, Dave and Gelareh discuss how to find accelerators, the accelerator program and the benefits of finding a mentor and networking opportunities.    Ingrid also talks about startup pitches. Listen now, to...
Published 07/13/21