The Ultimate Gaming Experience
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On this week’s episode of Innovation Fuel, we welcome Spiro Khouri, CEO at The Gaming Stadium! Spiro joins Dave and Gelareh to share with us his journey as an entrepreneur and the passion he had for gaming at a young age, that led to his success in the Gaming Industry. Spiro also talks about his aim of connecting fans and brands by creating faster Esports experiences for the future of gaming.
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Published 11/16/21
On this week’s episode of Innovation Fuel, we welcome Hamed Taheri and Reza Raissjalali. Hamed and Reza joined Dave and Gelareh to discuss the victorious discovery of Sniper Intel and the solutions they provide to their clients.  They spoke on the use of Sniper as a communication tool for...
Published 11/16/21
We're back from our break with another episode of Innovation Fuel as we welcome Melanie Ewan! Melanie is an international speaker, writer and startup coach known for her work in community-based research and advocacy for women in business and tech. She is also the Co-Founder and Managing Partner...
Published 11/09/21