Napoleon Dynamite JON HEDER: Constantly an Outsider
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Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory) joins us this week and talks about the feeling of ‘constantly being an outsider’ coming to Hollywood from a humble upbringing in the PNW and then heading back to Washington after years in the film industry. Jon shares some crazy stories from his family history that helped shape him into the anxiety and stress free man that he is today. We also get into (of course) our shared bond of horror, why Napoleon Dynamite never had a sequel, and Jon’s memorable run-ins with Will Ferrell, James Cameron, and Ali G. Thank you to our Sponsors: ❤️ Betterhelp: 🛍️ Shopify: 🧑‍🦲 Freedom Grooming: 🦎 Geico: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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