This Prediction IS Coming True! ANSWERS from the Elders for These Challenged Times! Dr Anita Sanchez
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Join us as we step into the realm and into the heart of Indigenous Wisdom with Dr. Anita Sanchez (Four Sacred Gifts) as she shares timeless teachings that offer guidance, inspiration, and hope amidst the complexities of our world.   I'll be talking with Dr. Anita L. Sanchez, Nahua (Aztec) and Mexican American, a consultant, trainer, coach, speaker for Fortune500 companies, and for decades has been a bridge for Indigenous Wisdom and Science, and the author of 7 beautiful books including the international award winning book - The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times.      Find more from Anita Sanchez - Website: The Four Sacred Gifts:   To find out more visit: - Order Michael Sandler's book, "AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience"  - Automatic Writing Experience Course - Michael Sandler's School of Mystics Join Our YouTube Membership for behind-the-scenes access - - Sign up for my FREE daily newsletter for high-vibration content. ……. Follow Michael and Jessica’s exciting journey and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access. Go to   For free meditations, weekly tips, stories, and similar shows visit:   We’ve got Merch! -   Follow Inspire Nation, and the lives of Michael and Jessica, on Instagram -   Find us on TikTok -
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