Echoes Podcast: The Best of Echoes 2019
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Last week we counted down The Best of Echoes 2019, a list of our 25 favorite album. Now, Echoes' John Diliberto takes a stroll through that list, giving some context and commentary and highlighting some of the lesser known recordings and artists on the album including Michael Gulezian, Theodore, Mark Dwane, Spatialize, Hugar, Rise, Bluetech and our number one album, The Secret of Letting Go by Rise. Join us in the Echoes podcast as John Diliberto puts words and music to The Best of Echoes 2019. You can see the complete list here as well as a Spotify Playlist. Hear Michael Gulezian Concert. Hear Theodore in Concert Hear Hugar Live Hear Hugar Interview in Echoes Podcast Hear Rise Interview in Echoes Podcast Hear Bluetech Interview in Echoes Podcast Hear Lamb Interview in Echoes Podcast  
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