Gratitude is a practice, not just an attitude
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In today's lesson, I offer my timely reminder on a practice so many of us know, and yet, I am sure, so little of us truly hold ourselves to account to. Gratitude - as I have learnt, is more than an attitude, and it requires discipline and daily practice to truly reap its benefits. In this episode, I talk about my most recent challenges, my timely reminder and a step by step guide to implement this simple practice that is quite literally changing my world.  See for privacy information.
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In today’s episode, I explore a lesson that I use to call myself into account even until today. This unrealistic concept of perfection.  Whether it is what you expect of the world, your relationships or just of yourself, we can all find ourselves seeking out this state of ‘perfection’ in our day...
Published 06/07/21
In today’s episode, I share my lesson in the power of respecting everyone’s pathway; even when that pathway may challenge, oppose or simply seem a distant reality from your own.  In what can be an extremely polarised world, this lesson helps me to bring empathy into action and humbly...
Published 05/31/21
In this week’s lesson, I tackle a relationship challenge head on and look at the times when we find ourselves in battle with those we love the most. Whether it is your loved one or your actual team mate, this lesson helps to clear the clouds of doubt and anger when you reach for your sword and...
Published 05/09/21