The Ouija Board Knew Things
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Happy Halloween! Let's get our spooky on in this episode all about chilling ouija board stories. Jamie starts with a frightening tale of her own which includes infomation from beyond as to what really happened to JFK and Nicole Simpson. The experience ended with a fight between good vs evil in her childhood bedroom. Yes, we know how unbelievable this sounds. You'll just have to listen. Then Jamie shares other people's experiences with the board and explains the history of how a "toy" became a possible portal to the otherside. Should you try it? If the stories in this episode are true... you don't want to mess with it!!! Follow us: @jamielynne24 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Jamie is joined by her east coast friend from back in the day, Laura Cifaldi who is a psychic medium. Unbeknownst to Jamie, Laura has been able to connect with spirits since childhood. Now she helps law enforcement, doctors, and clients with her gift. Jamie and Laura catch up about their exes...
Published 11/03/23
Published 11/03/23
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